Plate Spurs Conversation


A couple of months ago, Ron McKerlie, the President of Hamilton’s Mohawk College, presented his two dozen Ontario Presidential counterparts with ceramic plates, emblazoned with messages about mental health dialogues.

They were “ConvoPlates”, a project of the Art Gallery of Burlington and the Paul Hansell Foundation.

The plates are designed to stir conversations about mental health issues, including its de-stigmatization …

… And the idea is to circulate the items, by “gifting” them from one organization/individual to another, to foster far-reaching discussions about such topics as depression, stress, suicide, anxiety and other psychological conditions.

St. Clair President Patti France held on to her ConvoPlate until January 31 – the nationwide, Bell-sponsored “Let’s Talk Day” – before passing it along to Student Representative Council President Nick Goran.

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