Thames Student Packs A Punch

Thames Boxer

Contributed by Mark Benoit

Rebecca D’Agostin is a graduate of St Clair College’s Early Childhood Education program and a current student in the Child and Youth Care program at the Thames Campus.

She is also a provincial Golden Gloves boxer. Rebecca has fought her way to the 2017 “Open Elite” 64-kilogram female boxing championship, winning the Golden Gloves.

Rebecca started boxing at 18 years old, and has an impressive record of 15 wins, five losses and two exhibitions.

She has had her nose broken three times, but has kept going.

Rebecca belongs to the KAYO Boxing Club of Chatham, and is the only female competing among that club’s members.

She trains five to six days per week, while attending school full-time and working part-time.

Rebecca’s advice: “Don’t give up! A loss is a learn!”

She won the gold medal at the bronze gloves level in 2015, silver at golden gloves in 2016, and gold at golden gloves in 2017.

Rebecca is headed to the National Championship in Alberta, hitting the ring the week of March 5-9.

Thames Boxer