VetTech's "Adorable Adoptables"

Adorable Adoptables

This year's class of Veterinary Technician students is continuing the popular adoption program.

Every week, The Scene’s webpage will feature a pet or two (or more) being cared for by the program, which students (and staff) may adopt. If you are ready for the responsibility and commitment of owning a pet, please watch for the featured animals.

All of the Adorable Adoptables are fully vaccinated and dewormed. If they aren't neutered when they are taken into the VetTech program, they will be before they are adopted-out.

The pictured pets are photographed well in advance of The Scene's e-publishing schedule, so they may already have been adopted by the time you check out the feature. But contact the VetTech office anyway to learn about currently available animals. Or check the regularly updated webpage -

For information about the Adorable Adoptables, contact Betsy Wismer at campus phone extension 4386.