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experiential learning

College Strives To Instill "Real World" Experience In All Programs

Among the administrative up-date reports provided to the college’s Board of Governors during its March 23rd meeting was one about St. Clair’s progress on instilling an Experiential Learning (EL) ­– also referred to as Work-Integrated Learning (WIL…

No Games But Lots Of Activity For Varsity Saints

Despite having their seasons cancelled by the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association, St. Clair’s varsity athletes continued to practice their sports during the past year ­– and keep their noses stuck in their textbooks. During its March 23rd…
board budget

Board Budget: Maintaining Enrolment Means Ongoing Financial Stability

Having sailed through the COVID-19 pandemic with surprisingly little negative effect on enrolment, St. Clair anticipates that 2021-22 will be another full-speed-ahead year - featuring another year-end, eight-digit budget surplus. The college's…

What We're Doing, Where We're Going Next Year

What will St. Clair be working on during the coming year to get “bigger and better”? These projects ­– the Strategic Directions for 2021-22, as tabled before and approved by the college’s Board of Governors during its March 23rd meeting:  

Board Briefs: On-line Experience

During a February 23rd meeting, among the items that were the subject of updating reports from the college's administration to the school's Board of Governors were these:  • If one "good" thing did come out of the pandemic, it is that the new…
jan enrol

Enrolment Growth Continues In Midst Of Pandemic

Pandemic? What pandemic?  That appears to be the attitude of St. Clair students, as they continue their studies – and continue to enrol – in the midst of the ongoing global health crisis.  The school’s recording-setting enrolment trend during the…

Student Satisfaction Still A Topic Of Study

February 23rd's meeting of the college's Board of Governors sounded like a classic Rolling Stones concert, because there was much talk of satisfaction.  Two update reports tabled before the Board examined student satisfaction levels, and how they…
new program

New Program Is An Old Program

An old St. Clair program will be a brand-new one soon – bureaucratically speaking.  During its February 23rd meeting, the college's Board of Governors approved the administration's proposal to convert the existing International Business Management…

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Campus Beholder

The philosophy that a beautiful campus creates both a stress-relieving and inspiring atmosphere was confirmed by the college's Board of Governors during its February 23rd meeting.  The Board reviewed a report from the administration detailing…

Sole Candidate Takes Downtown VP Post By Acclamation

The election for campus leaders during the 2021-22 academic year will be held – on-line – during the week of Monday, March 1 to Friday the 5th.  In the case of the Student Representative Council (SRC), that involves elections for its Executive…