And, The Winners Are ...

The 2018-19 Student Representative Council Executive, left to right: President Holly Nicholson, Student Affairs Vice-President Kiara Clement, and Downtown Affairs Vice-President Sara Stiller.

Student leaders for 2018-19 have been announced, following the campus elections that took place this week.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) President next year will be current Student Affairs Vice-President Holly Nicholson. She defeated Brandon Roy, 1,086 votes to 545.

The incoming Student Affairs Vice-President will be Kiara Clement (currently an SRC Director). She won, 952 to 716, over Sean Thomas.

Sara Stiller was acclaimed as the new SRC Vice-President of Downtown Affairs.

The 2018-19 President of the Student Athletic Association will be Laura Walker. She defeated Lee Kuzmich, 1,184 votes to 449.

The incoming SAA Vice-President of Varsity will be Adam Neville. He topped Emily O'Bright, 857 to 716.

Both organizations are still looking for applicants for appointed Directorships for 2018-19.