Chatham Students Lend A Hand With A Taxing Process

chatham tax clinic

Contributed by Mark Benoit, Chair, School of Academic Studies, Chatham Campus

Chatham campus’ second-year Business–Accounting students gained hands-on skills through their recent work on behalf of seniors.

The students completed the seniors’ income tax returns, providing a valuable service, while simultaneously putting their skills in practice.

Led by instructor Shelley Cook, the students prepared 125 tax returns.

This service has been provided over the past 14 years.

The Senior Tax Clinic is supported by St. Clair College’s Alumni Association.

Students said: “This is a perfect environment for learning while helping others”, and “Many seniors depend on it.”

Chatham campus IT staffer Scott Shoji assisted by setting up all the computers the students used during the clinic.

Pictured, left to right:

Front row: Will Grant, Terri Lynn Colson, Janine Poirier, Laura Feetham;

Back row: Amber Lindsay, Nicole Turner, Jacqueline L’Ecuyer Wilson, Kylie Moir, Kiara Van Bommel, and Alicia Opiela.