Four Seek The Downtown VP Post

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Left to right: SRC Vice-President of Downtown Affairs candidates Daksh Arora, Kushagr Dev Mudgil, Shubham Sharma, and Ujjwal Sharma.


Hey, Saints!

My name is Daksh Arora. I am currently in the first year of Data Analytics for Business. Earlier, I did my Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering at SRM University in Chennai, India.

I am excited to announce that I am campaigning for the post of Vice-President of Downtown Affairs, as I have very good communication and leadership qualities, with a true desire to meet and communicate with people from different cultures, communities and countries.

I have four years of experience working as an event coordinator at my university, where my main job was to conduct various workshops, events, and festivals. I was also a key member to arrange the funding and sponsors for those events. I also participated in lots of community services in the past, such as community cooking and food serving at various Gurudwaras and Mandirs, and participated in various public events to spread awareness among people. Due to this experience, I will be very comfortable in maintaining a balance between my academics and my work as the Vice-President.

If elected Vice-President, my first duty would be to reach out to and communicate with each and every student to inform them about their rights, privileges and duties as a St. Clair student.

My objectives as Vice-President of Downtown Affairs would also include duties and goals such as:

• Creating a friendly and safe environment for all students from across the globe.

• Complete assistance to all the new students coming from different cities and countries.

• Developing a better communication channel between the SRC and the students, so that even a minor change in the policy of SRC can be communicated to the students, and feedbacks can be taken from them whenever needed.

• Organizing different and diverse cultural events for all students from different cultures and communities.

• Developing new marketing strategies using my data analytics and business skills which will be beneficial for the college as well as the community.

• Making improvements in the Class Representative program by distributing more powers to the Class Representatives and Directors at the same time.

With these initiatives in my mind, we can make St. Clair College a more beautiful place to learn and grow. I hope to serve the students, SRC and St. Clair College in the best way possible.

In the end, I would like to request of all the voters:

“Your Vote is very precious, Use It Wisely!”


I, Kushagr Mudgil, am a student at St. Clair’s Downtown campus.

I am a firm believer of interactive achievement through a derived process of learning, adapting and constantly improvising. I have been a competent IT professional for close to 6.5 years, and have worked with MNCs like Accenture Services and HCL Infrastructure Service Delivery as service analyst and business analyst. I resigned as a Program and Project Control Service Analyst to pursue further studies for a course related to this work structure, Data Analytics for Business.

Analytics was never been just for professional experience, it’s more of a hobby to have productive interactions, considering interactions as the base for my active communication skills. My nature seems to be a blend of an observer and a prompt helper.

I am very determined. It is important to have a vision as I pursue the Vice-President of Downtown Affairs position. I am motivated for this opportunity due to a vision for handling responsibilities with utmost dedication. I am confident that my capabilities and meticulous nature will lead to a communal benefit. My vision drives me to explore various interactive clubs such as the college’s DAC Club, because it allows me to use skills through the platform that the institution provides.

This is the same for all, and I hope to inspire and motivate each one of us to present ourselves as Saints individually to mark our presence.

I am excited to further delve into the ideas of sports and socializing occasions throughout the year for students. I believe such interaction are key to guiding and improvising knowledge, not merely by attending classes. I will be a part of all of the events and festivities staged by the SRC. I aim to interact with all students as a VP, to make them understand the importance of collective growth, and how important the occasional socializing is in terms of personality-building and for a thoughtful process.

It is important to realize the integrity of the position. I understand the responsibilities of a VP, and the intensity of the role, and intend to handle all the roles and responsibilities to the best of my capabilities and sense of judgement.



My name is Shubham Sharma, and I am a second-semester Data Analytics student here at St Clair College. I am from Mumbai city, the financial capital of India. My city has always taught me to travel and reach your destination on time, and to manage my time.

My hobbies are to watch and play soccer matches, and to hang out with friends. I am an outgoing person.

I am very enthusiastic about sports, and was a soccer and hockey player during my high school years. I have represented my state in soccer, and played for one of the best teams in India. As a sportsman, I have a never-give-up attitude, and concentrate on being a team player. At Thakur College, my school was the state champion in soccer, and we won many tournaments.

In high school, I participated in many cultural and technical events, and I was the President of my college in India. As a President, I have learned an important skill called LEADERSHIP. I have managed many cultural events where I have interacted with students and other college presidents, and always tried to make my college the best in my city.

I graduated from a very eminent college known as Thakur College of Engineering and Technology as an Information Technology (IT) Engineer. In my engineering days, as a sponsor head and being a core committee member, I organized many sports and cultural events, and multiple workshops related to my domain. I was a part of a football team that won many tournaments. My journey through Thakur College featured the best moments of my life, and I learned not only to study but to manage many things in my life.

After graduating from engineering, I had a year-and-a-half of experience as a sports analyst in Hudl. Working in the corporate world, I learned to be punctual and humble in life. My company taught me a software program, SPORTCODE, which is a booming thing in the field of sports analysis. After Hudl, I worked as a business development executive in India’s best start-up called Byjus. There I learned marketing skills, and to analyze people, which is the most important skill in marketing.

After coming to Canada, I have learned to manage my tasks, and to tackle all my problems independently. Being a student of St Clair College, I have learned many things from my co-students.

I am gregarious and, because of that, I was elected as an SRC Class Representative. I have a proven record of being a strong leader with an equally strong voice. I have also been a volunteer in Open Streets Windsor, and interacted with the local community which enjoyed the event.

Apart from academics and sports, I have interest in market trading, as I like to invest my savings in the stock market. My long-term goals are to work in an eminent organization as a data scientist or data analyst, where I can grow as an individual and make my parents proud.


It is rightly said that the very essence of leadership is selflessness. I have always believed that strength lies in unity and, for students, living together as one community is very important.

Kindly allow me to succinctly introduce myself. My name is Ujjwal Sharma. I am presently a Director on the SRC, and currently a student in the Public Relations program here at St. Clair College. I am running for Vice-President of Downtown Affairs.

The major reason that led me to run for Vice-President is the very reason I chose to become a Director: being a voice of the voiceless, and becoming more of a friend to the students than just a student leader.

My intentions as a Vice-President of Downtown Affairs entail duties and goals such as creating an environment that is conducive for intellectual growth of students, organizing more fun events to ensure an enriched social life and, most of all, making a personal connection with students.

My leadership experience in youth organizations like the National Cadet Corps – that comprises around 1.4 million cadets – has come in handy for the students and the SRC. Having worked my way up from a Cadet to the senior-most rank in the organization has gifted me worthwhile learning experience at every single level.

Compassion is one of my innate abilities, that makes me a strong yet gentle leader. As a Director, I learned "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” Comprehensive assistance to the students through various resources has always been my major goal.

I joined as an SRC Director back in September. As a Director, I have constantly strived to bring more events downtown, and have ceaselessly worked as a catalyst for the changes you all have wanted to see in the college. These six months with the SRC have helped me grow both as a person and student leader. Becoming a Vice-President will serve me with a unique opportunity to work with and for the students from all the campuses in a more effective manner. I will work to find new ways of communicating with the students – after all, I want to be your voice.

I am well aware of the diverse student population in our college. This “Unity in Diversity” motivates me to work harder for all of us. In the past, we have constantly worked to depict this diversity through various events and activities, and there will be many more to follow. As a Vice-President, my major agenda would be to bring food services that are pocket-friendly within the downtown buildings themselves, increase the number of study rooms available, more availability of tutors and, most of all, creating more on-campus jobs.

As a Vice-President of Downtown Affairs, I want to enrich the student life experience for every student, and make their college life worthwhile.

So, let us bring this change and work together. After all, we are Saints strong!





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