Pair Vies For VP Of Student Affairs

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Candidates for SRC Vice-President of Student Affairs: Mary Rose Dula (left) and Nikita Joella Muringa.


My name is Mary Rose Dula. I graduated from Practical Nursing in 2018, I was born in the Philippines, and moved to this diverse country over six years ago. I am currently in Pre-Health Sciences, in my last semester. I am doing this program to pursue the Bachelor’s Science of Nursing (BSCN). I am also inspired to get my Master’s degree as a Nurse Practitioner after taking BSCN.

I want to be the SRC Vice-President of Student Affairs because I want to serve students. I want them to be included with my plans for the school. I’d like to be a tool to connect students with opportunities that they haven’t found yet. I want to be the voice of their unspoken thoughts, desires and dreams in their college years. I want to prove that there is still a chance, even when they think there’s no chance. I like to see people happy under my watch and, for that, I am content. I want them to feel that it’s okay to not have everything in this world. I will guide them to success with no selfishness. I will be part of their hectic journey until it’s addressed.

Being a natural leader is something I gained from life-experiences. I push limits to their extent in order to expand choices in my life. I want students to know what I know, and what I have created in my life. I have gone through drastic changes that I thought I wouldn’t survive, but then I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, and I followed that path by my own steps. I want them to know that there is always a rainbow after the rain, and that life will keep dragging you until you take action.

Some of my friends think that I’m too much, and it’s unbelievable how I can juggle everything in my hands. I tell them, “This makes me happy”, “I love helping people”, “I’m not selfish with my thoughts”, “I like to help and I’m realistic about it.”

There are some slogans that have inspired and shaped me:

“Trust the process, you got this.” “Stay focused, but never ever lose sight of where you came from.” “SWITCH YOUR MENTALITY INTO SOMETHING REALISTIC. I MEAN IT.” “Surround yourself with people who motivate and love you genuinely.” “Celebrate little improvements of whatever you do in life.” “Take baby steps because that is the foundation to expertise.” “Take a deep breath and start over again.” “Be genuine about whatever you do.” “Timing will be there for you, when it’s meant for you.” “Ask when in doubt, take things in to action, and live with it.” “Trust your leaders.” “Be Strong and Independent.”

Leadership requires maturity, big personality, and strong character. You will find all of that in me.

Again, Mary Rose Dula running for Vice-President of Student Affairs during the election week of February 24-28.

Thank you Saints, and be amazing. I mean it.


Hello, Saints,

If there was something to change about the college, what would it be?

My name is Nikita Joella Muringa. I am from Bujumbura, Burundi (a country in the east of Africa). I did my high school in Nairobi, Kenya, then came to Canada in 2018. I am an international student, currently doing my second year in Business Administration - Human Resources. I am proud to announce that I am running for the Student Representative Council (SRC) Vice-President of Student Affairs position. I have been on the SRC since October, 2018 as one of the Directors.

During the two years I have been a Director, my leadership skills and communication skills have grown by attending some leadership conferences, and from learning from my SRC colleagues. I also had the opportunity to be a volunteer in the blood drive at St. Clair, also to be a volunteer for the Bone Marrow Association. I also volunteered for the Polar Plunge event in 2018.

I got my ASIST training, which has given me the opportunity to understand more ways we can help people in our community who need a shoulder or who are contemplating suicide. And, yes, I support suicide prevention because I believe we all have rough days, and our health and safety comes first. I also believe that we all have a purpose - that purpose should be the reason to not give up. We are stronger than any test, paper due, break-up, money issue, or any battle we are facing; but we just need to remember to keep our heads up.

I don’t want you to only see me as a candidate running as your Vice-President. I want you to see me as your friend ... A friend you can rely on, a friend who will be there to help you through college and make your college lives fun and enjoyable. I might seem like a very serious person, but I am very approachable. So, don’t be afraid to say “Hello” in the hall or stop me to talk.

If chosen as Vice-President, I plan to try to make sure that every voice of students is heard and supported for both domestic and international students. I also plan to help to make each day fun and enjoyable since I know college comes just once for most of us.

I plan to make the Class Representative meetings more interactive, and make sure each representative’s class issues are solved. I’ll also listen to more ideas about how to make programs and the school a better place for students to feel like they belong. I will also be asking you for your help because no person has all the answers or can do all the work all alone. “The ability to work together brings out amazing things.” I hope to use the experience that I got from being a Director to help you as my fellow students.

So ... Don’t stand by! Stand up! Stand strong! Stand together! To make our college a better place for our education, our future and our pride.

I would be honoured to have your votes.

NOTE: The special print version of this election edition contained information about another candidate for this position. That individual, however, was disqualified for failing to attend a mandatory all-candidates meeting prior to the launch of the campaign.



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