Parking Garage Is Being Reviewed

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The UofW built a parking garage a few years ago. Is it the college's turn now?

After telling the college’s Board of Governors (BofG) during its January meeting that a land-lease and partnership financing for a new, $23 million residence building was in the process of being finalized, St. Clair President Patti France addressed another construction project during the February 26th session.

In a memo to the Board, France noted that her administration is continuing to explore the feasibility of building a parking garage at the South Windsor campus.

The update stated:

In response to student feedback, the college committed to exploring the feasibility of a parking garage at the Windsor Campus. To initiate this commitment, a Request For Proposals (RFP) was issued on January 15, 2019 in order to seek proposals from interested, third-party organizations.

The RFP includes the following key requirements:

• A proponent will design, construct, finance, operate and maintain a parking garage;

• The parking garage must have a 600 vehicle capacity, with capability to expand to 1,000 vehicles should a future need arise;

• A target completion date of May, 2021.

• Option for the proponent to manage all Windsor Campus parking operations.

The RFP deadline has been moved to April 15, 2019 …

… After the deadline, the college will evaluate the proposals to identify whether or not a feasible option exists. If a feasible option is identified, the college will engage in further discussion with the proponent.

Translation: Because the college does not possess the capital funding to construct such a facility itself, it will carry out the project in the same manner as residence development: by attracting a private-sector company to build it, and then that company will recoup its expenses by managing (and taking the fee revenue) from the facility’s operation.

To provide some idea of what a project of this nature might cost: The University of Windsor built a parking garage a half-decade ago on Wyandotte Street. It was somewhat larger than what is envisaged by the college: accommodating 1,055 cars, seven storeys tall, including some associated space for offices and commercial enterprises, and framed primarily with steel as opposed to concrete. The cost of all of that was approximately $25.8 million.

Again, that may not constitute an “apples to apples” comparison with regard to the college’s intentions. But the $25,000 per vehicle-space is fairly accurate as a base figure for such projects … so, the 600 spaces that the college is talking about would probably mean a construction cost in the neighbourhood of roughly $15 million.

(The four-month, one-semester fee for parking in the University of Windsor’s garage, by the way, is $332.50, including the deposit for the access card.)


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