Saints Sported 60-Plus Percent Winning Record In 2019-20

sports report

Varsity Saint athletes had a phenomenal year in 2019-20, according to a comprehensive report presented to the college’s Board of Governors (BofG) recently.

The school’s administration provides the Board with an annual re-cap of the sporting year, covering both the on-field/on-court performance of student-athletes and their academic status.

According to the report:

• In 2019-20, St. Clair’s 169 varsity Saints had a collective Grade Point Average (GPA) average of 2.73.

• 80 percent of the athletes passed every course they took, and maintained a minimum GPA of 2.0 – meeting the minimal requirement to receive their $1,250 per semester athletic scholarships.

• In competition, Saint teams recorded 104 wins, 56 losses and three ties – an extremely high victory percentage of approximately 63 percent.

• During the year, Saint teams were ranked (Top Ten) provincially 66 times, and nationally 28 times.

• Saint Athletics, as a department, generated $2.2 million in revenue.