SRC Election Campaign Is Underway


The campaign is now underway to choose student leaders for the 2018-19 academic year, with electronic voting schedule for the week of February 19-23.

Here are the people running for – or, in one case, acclaimed to – the Executive positions of next year’s Student Representative Council (SRC), including write-ups that they submitted to The Scene:


prez candidates
Holly Nicholson and Brandon Roy


Hey, Saints!

My name is Holly Nicholson, and I am finishing up my final year of Business Administration- Human Resources.

I have been involved with the Student Representative Council for the past three years. In my first year of college, I was hired on to the SRC board as the Director of Wellness. In my second year, I was elected as the Vice-President of Student Affairs, and continue to serve as the Vice-President of Student Affairs this year.

I am excited to announce that I am campaigning for the SRC President’s position for the 2018-2019 school year.

I feel that my experience as an SRC board member, coupled with my knowledge of student life on campus, are key factors that will contribute to my success in this role.

If elected President, I would implement a wider variety of events on campus to suit our growing population of diverse students on campus. Whether you are right out of high school, a mature student coming back for a second career, or coming to Canada for the first time, I want you to be able to enjoy everything St. Clair College and the SRC have to offer.

I know first-hand what it is like to be a student trying to manage financial hardship and achieving good grades, while attempting to maintain a social life. As President, I will alleviate stress on the campus by hosting more de-stress weeks, wellness initiatives, and create awareness about bursary and scholarship opportunities on campus.

Also, I want to find better avenues to advertise the many services the SRC and the college offer to students. Students cannot take advantage of the food bank, free tutoring or upcoming events if they do not know about them. As President, I would find ways to better communicate with students about what is available to them and what events are happening on campus.

I am confident I can represent St. Clair College and advocate on behalf of the entire student body. If elected, I promise to have an open-door policy, and be able to help find a solution to any problems one may have. I will encourage students to come and discuss any issues or suggestions they have to make St. Clair College a welcome place for all.

I am prepared to take on the responsibilities of this role, and hope to make your time at St. Clair College the best it can be.

Please remember to vote between February 19th and February 23rd, and vote for whichever candidate you feel will make the best SRC President.

Vote Holly Nicholson for President - and let Holly be your voice!


Brandon Roy is a recent graduate of St. Clair’s Architectural Technology program, and is currently enrolled in Graphic Design at the college’s downtown campus.

He is a strong advocate for hands-on, enquiry-based learning. He is involved in a variety of community services, problem-solving, and technology-infused activities that provide him with opportunities to use his skills, with a passion to help others.

His professional interests focus on communicative approaches to music teaching, thematic planning, and cooperative learning. His current projects include the organization of a music collective of local artists, creating new technology-infused buildings, and the development of a graphic design company (Social Blueprint Design).

He obtained a lot of experience during his term as the SRC’s Vice-President of Downtown Affairs. He helped put on numerous events, and was always there, looking out for the students’ best interest.

Brandon’s main objective as SRC President will be to keep the students’ best interest in mind in all decisions. He exercises this at all events held here at the college. He plans on ensuring the best possible upcoming year!

He knows what college life is like, being a student himself. He understands the challenges, but knows how enjoyable it can be with a positive attitude! Brandon welcomes the opportunity to build relationships, and meet more students on campus.

If elected, Brandon’s vision is to help create a more exciting environment with an energetic atmosphere – where we all feel like we belong.

So, as President, Brandon plans to be there to support all students, and help determine the best path possible if they should require any guidance.

Our college years pass by very quickly, so Brandon plans to help make each and every day the most exciting and enjoyable during your time St. Clair College!


vp student affairs
Kiara Clement and Sean Thomas


My name is Kiara Clement. I am 18 years old, in my first year of Protection, Security and Investigation, and I want to be the next Vice-President of Student Affairs of St. Clair’s Student Representative Council.

I have always had a passion for involvement and leadership. Over the years, I have continuously made great efforts to improve my communication, leadership, time management, organizational and interpersonal skills.

To highlight some of my experience: I have been a Director on St. Clair’s Student Representative Council during the past fall term. I have also been the Chairperson of the Leamington Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee for the past two terms, and sat as a committee member for three prior terms. I am a volunteer for many organizations, such as SECC, Crime Stoppers, WE Students United, and The Bridge (Leamington Youth Resource Centre). I am also actively planning a community project through Motivate Canada.

This journey has been challenging, but my ambition and positivity has led me to see how extremely rewarding it is to be involved in your community. The skills I have developed have granted me the courage to do what I am doing today.

I understand the need to conduct myself in a professional manner at all times, and I am prepared to take on the duties of the SRC President if that individual is unavailable.

It is in my nature to perform duties with due diligence, integrity and honesty.

I understand my duties would include meeting with students, assisting with the investigation of academic and non-academic complaints or concerns, sitting on grade appeals, being available to the student population at all times possible, engaging and working closely with other executives of the committee to meet goals and complete duties of the corporation, acting as a secondary signing authority on all documents related to the corporation, performing all duties assigned to me by the President or Board of Directors, and supervising Class Representatives and their responsibilities.

In my term of service, I plan to perform my duties with proper duty of care and due diligence. I want to bring light to the new and ambitious ideas of the Directors and students. I will assist in the comfortable transition for new students, and the ease for the experienced students within the college. I hope to motivate, inspire, and create a sense of community through the projects or committees I am noticeably involved in. I would also like to ensure that the Class Representatives are more constantly relaying the information that is passed on to them.

Finally, I would like to see what YOU would like to see in terms of campus services and activities. Therefore, I encourage YOU to communicate with the SRC board, to ensure that we meet your needs.

Let passion take action! Support Kiara Clement as future Vice-President of Student Affairs!


“Happiness lies in the joy of achieving success with creative effort.”

This quote has always taught me to be a part of a team and work as a team. Every successful individual’s achievement depends on a community of people working together.

I, Sean Thomas, studying Liberal Arts at St. Clair College, am running for the post of Vice-President of Student Affairs of the Student Representative Council.

I am a student with a strong academic base from programs in business, economics, accounting and English at Trivandrum International School, along with a social science diploma underway.

My academic life has laid a strong foundation of what business and economics mean, and how they have impacted society and individuals. This gave me an insight into changing lives through product and services.

My countless participations in events were of great importance during my time in high school. They saw me conceptualising and executing events from scratch. I also represented the school at other institutes across the nation, for Round Square and MUN events which enhanced my skills as a team leader, and also taught me about team work, pushed me to achieve the best results from every move, and to grasp the ways in which people perceived tasks and ideas. Hence, I strongly believe in living together as one community.

With leadership as one of my innate abilities, it compels me to achieve a common interest and work towards a greater good.

My intentions as Vice-President of Student Affairs would entail duties and goals such as:

• Creating an environment compatible for all students from across the globe, along with the ease of access to critical information.

• Comprehensive assistance for new students coming from other cities and countries.

• Activities that are culturally diverse in nature - and those that pique the interest of a larger population.

• Larger selection of dining options that are “pocket-friendly”.

• Increasing the availability of more bilingual tutors for students, which, in turn, will increase the ease of learning.

• Expanding the availability of study areas/rooms for students.

• Categorical events for students (Diwali celebration, Chinese New Year, Cold Food Festival, etc.).

• Availability of introductory courses for students who wish to better their language skills, life/soft skills, and research and study methods that will benefit students in the long run.

• Inviting cash and in-kind sponsors for events, that will not only benefit the community but the overall growth of the college.

With these tasks in mind, I hope to strive for what benefits the students at St. Clair College.

“Students need their own voice. So, make the right choice.” That is the slogan I wish to run by, and I emphasize my profound desire to work for the people, as I am chosen by the people.


downtown vp
Sara Stiller

Hey, Saints.

My name is Sara Stiller, and I am pleased to announce that I am your new Vice-President of Downtown Affairs of the Student Representative Council for 2018-19.

I would like to take a minute to introduce myself to all of you. I will be graduating this year from Office Administration-Legal, and will continuing in September in the Paralegal program. Throughout my past two years at St. Clair College, I have worked at the front desk of the SRC office, I have been a member of the SRC Street Team, and I have played varsity softball. I love to be involved and interact with students on a daily basis.

My goal as the VP of Downtown Student Affairs, is to be able to connect with each and every student. I would like to make it an easy transition for students coming straight from high school into the college. I hope to increase the number of Class Representatives so everyone’s voice can be heard. When it comes time for a student to graduate, I would like to make sure that each and every student leaves St. Clair College feeling accomplished and prepared for the workplace.

Working in the SRC office has given me the chance to be more involved, and get to know a lot of people. I think the most important thing you can do in college is be involved. Networking is very important when in the workplace, so you might as well start while you’re in school. You never know who you will come in contact with in the later years. You will never regret joining a club or a team, and coming to events, interacting with other students, making friends, and having the time of your life. College is all about experiences, good and bad. So, try to make the best of every day, because, soon enough, it will all be over, and all of your hard work and dedication will pay off in the end.

I am so grateful to be acclaimed as your new VP of Downtown Student Affairs, so I can help students with any issues, or concerns they might have. I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you, and helping you along your journey.

Again, electronic voting for the contested positions – the Presidency and Vice-Presidency of Student Affairs – will take place during the week of February 19-23. You will receive notices of your ability to vote, and instructions about doing so, via the college’s Blackboard app. The Student Athletic Association is also conducting its 2018-19 elections at this time and in the same manner. Results will be announced upon the conclusion of ballot tabulation during the afternoon of Friday, February 23.

Also available now, until the submission deadline of February 28, are application packages for the SRC’s 2018-19 appointed Directorships. The packages, and more info, can be obtained in the SRC offices: in the Student Centre at main campus, across from the Tim Hortons kiosk; and in the downtown’s TD Student Success Centre (corner of University and Victoria Avenues).