SRC Seeks Execs And Directors, Candidates For President Announced

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We can now update the story, below, to announce that the candidates for the Student Representative Council’s 2018-19 Presidential election are now set.

Running for the top post in the February contest will be current (2017-18) Vice-President of Student Affairs Holly Nicholson and Vice-President of Downtown Affairs Brandon Roy.

Presidential Candidates
Vying for the 2018-19 SRC Presidency will be Holly Nicholson and Brandon Roy.

The nomination period for the Vice-Presidencies they are vacating remain open until January 22.

Also available, now, are applications for the council’s appointed Directorships. The submission deadline for those is February 28.


As noted on a Facebook post in early-January, St. Clair’s Student Representative Council (SRC) has now launched its search for 2018-19 campus leaders.

An election in February will choose the SRC’s Executive members (President and Vice-Presidents) for next year, while an application-and-appointment process will fill the remaining positions on the council’s board with Directors.

On the basis of its bylaws, the SRC gives preliminary preference to Presidential candidates who are members of its existing (the 2017-18) Board of Directors – as a means of providing experienced expertise and continuity to the organization as both a government and a corporation.

If no current members of the board indicate an intention to seek the coming year’s Presidency by the January 8th deadline, nominations will be open to students-at-large on the 9th.

Also available, right now, are nomination packages for candidates for the SRC’s two Vice-Presidencies: the Vice-President of Student Affairs, and the Vice-President of Downtown Affairs.

The chief duties of the Vice-President of Student Affairs are the oversight of the SRC’s Class Representative system and assisting students with formal complaints and grade appeals.

The Downtown Vice-President is responsible for Class Reps at the Centre for the Arts and MediaPlex, helping to stage events at those campuses, and assisting students with formal complaints and concerns.

At a meeting this week, the SRC intends to eliminate the Vice-President of Student Life position. The function of that job has been rendered moot by the presence of an Events Programmer and Production Coordinator as full-time SRC staff positions.

Nominations for the Vice-Presidencies close on Monday, January 22.

Acclamations of the Executive positions will occur if only one candidate (for each post) comes forward by the filing deadlines.

If multiple candidates are nominated, an election campaign will take place from late-January to late-February, capped by on-line voting during the week of February 19-23.

Also available, right now, are application packages for the SRC’s 2018-19 Directorships. The deadline for submitting those is February 28 (followed by interviewing and appointments during the first week of March).

The 2018-19 SRC Board of Directors assumes office for its one-year-long term on May 1.

Much more information about what is entailed in all of the positions, the nomination/application process, and the election procedure is available from both SRC offices: in the Student Centre at main campus (across from the Tim Hortons kiosk), and downtown at the TD Student Success Centre (corner of University and Victoria Avenues).