Three Seek 2021-22 SRC Presidency

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The election for campus leaders during the 2021-22 academic year will be held – on-line – during the week of Monday, March 1 to Friday the 5th. 

In the case of the Student Representative Council (SRC), that involves elections for its Executive positions: the President, Vice-President of Student Affairs, and Vice-President of Downtown Affairs. 

During the first week of March, you’ll be notified about the voting process, conducted using the Blackboard app. 

Also, right now until Friday, March 12, application packages are available from the SRC offices at the main and downtown campuses for appointed SRC Directorships. For more info about those, please contact



I understand that some of you might not be familiar with this face. Some of you might know me as a final-year Data Analytics student, some of you might know me as one of the volunteers on the Enactus team, and some of you might know me as a current Director of your Student Representative Council. 

I have also come here as an international student, and I have seen and known the struggles that you are here with. I understand your responsibility to your family, whose shoulders you have stood on to build and carve out your dreams while here. 

While I am a student, a volunteer, a Director … Today I would like for you to know me as someone who cares deeply about truly representing you. Your voice. Your needs. You. Here at the SRC, we have felt the challenges of 2020, just like you. I was fortunate to serve in and be a part of the student council during this incredibly taxing time in our society. We achieved much through volunteering and helping the community through the toy and food drive that we held last December, and through the incredible student engagement we actively pursued and prioritized over the course of the year. As a leader, it gave me tremendous happiness to see that we remained strong through all that 2020 gave us. 

As your President, 2021 will have more engaging events geared towards nurturing each student academically, while also focusing on catering to the underprivileged society. The student council in 2021 will develop a culture of inclusivity, where each student will feel a greater sense of belonging and being at home. I envision a St. Clair College with more on-campus jobs and volunteering opportunities for both the South and Downtown Campuses. 

2021 will be the year where we get back up stronger. But I assure you the road ahead is not easy. 

Not I but we can accomplish this together. 

Not I but we can make this happen. 

I am Ishan Mendonce, Presidential candidate for your Student Representative Council. 




Christian Seguin is a third-year student in the Business Administration - Marketing program, and is the 2020-21 Student Representative Council (SRC) Vice-President of Student Affairs. 

In this position, Christian oversees all student complaints, concerns and enquiries at the St. Clair College South Campus. 

Christian first made an impact on campus with Enactus St. Clair, a non-profit organization that works with leaders in business and higher education to mobilize university and college students to make a difference in their communities, while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders. During his time with the club, Christian was the Project Manager of Enactus St. Clair's "InterACT", a project that works to offer international students skills and resources that give them confidence by providing them with job interview experience, job opportunities and basic financial skills. Christian was a member of the Regional and National Presentation Team for two consecutive years, ranking in the Top 20 nationally in both years, as well as bringing home three additional regional trophies in his two years with the project. 

During his two years at St. Clair College, Christian has received multiple scholarship awards and bursaries, for community involvement as well as outstanding academics. 

He has also been involved with Saints Varsity Athletics as the St. Clair Green Giants Sponsorship Manager in 2019, as well as the statistician and student marketing manager for the men's basketball team (a volunteer position). Christian also volunteers as the head coach for his alma mater’s Sandwich Secondary Sabres basketball team. In Christian’s first year with the team, he ended the team's playoff drought, clinching the first playoff berth in three years for the program. He is also currently the youngest coach in the WECSSAA league. 

Christian also volunteers for Save the African Child Uganda (SACU), an organization which assists children in Buwudo, Uganda with various essentials of everyday life such as suitable food, shelter and a proper education. Last year with the help of his dedicated classmates, he was able to host a very successful fundraiser at St. Clair College, exceeding their goals and raising much-needed funds for the organization. 

As a student who has experienced many different aspects of campus life at the college, Christian has a great understanding of the importance of student involvement, while at the same time balancing academics. Christian began his role of Vice-President of Student Affairs with the hope of being a strong voice for the students, while also being able to accommodate their needs while attending St. Clair College. 

Christian enjoys helping others. As the student representative on St. Clair’s Board of Governors, Christian has had a full grasp of overall college operations, and looks forward to using this experience with all future practices. 

Christian is excited for the upcoming election, and he feels he is ready for any challenges that may and will come his way. He fully understands the ongoing responsibilities the position comes with, and is anxious to get the election process running! 




Hi. I am Shubham Sharma, studying Data Analytics For Business at St. Clair College (Downtown Campus). 

I am very enthusiastic about sports and, back in India, I have represented my state in soccer and hockey. I graduated in engineering and, after that, worked as a sports analyst. I enjoyed my work as it was all related to sports. Before coming to Canada, I also worked as a marketing intern for one of India's best start-up companies, Think&Learn (BYJUS). 

At St. Clair, I started my journey as a Class Representative with the SRC. I have a proven record of being a strong leader with an equally strong voice. Currently, I am serving as a Director of the Student Representative Council, and I organize interactive events for my fellow Saints. 

The main responsibility of the President is to perform all the duties with due diligence and the highest degree of integrity. A President should be the voice of all the students, should be available at all possible times, and should represent the students on various college committees. 

My main focus as President will be on creating a team that will understand students and their problems, and resolve their issues. I'll also develop more interactive events for students to take a break with all of their fellow Saints. All Saints should more fully recognize and make use of the student services provided to St. Clair College students, so I will try to bring that awareness through different events. 

My slogan as I seek to be your 2021-22 SRC President is READY TO LEAD. 

Thank you.