Trio Vie For Student Affairs Vice-Presidency


The election for campus leaders during the 2021-22 academic year will be held – on-line – during the week of Monday, March 1 to Friday the 5th. 

In the case of the Student Representative Council (SRC), that involves elections for its Executive positions: the President, Vice-President of Student Affairs, and Vice-President of Downtown Affairs. 

During the first week of March, you’ll be notified about the voting process, conducted using the Blackboard app. 

Also, right now until Friday, March 12, application packages are available from the SRC offices at the main and downtown campuses for appointed SRC Directorships. For more info about those, please contact



My name is Alexandra Hanna, and I am now in my second year of the Human Resources program at St. Clair College. 

I am currently sitting on the SRC Board of Directors. When some may say this was a challenging year, they wouldn't be wrong. I wouldn't have gotten through it without my awesome SRC team. The amount of support that I got from the members of my team was more than I could ever have asked for. This year had its ups and downs, but I cannot complain about what I have achieved throughout the year. I got to meet fantastic new people, sit on the SRC Board, be a member of the Non-Academic Appeal Board, work full-time at my Human Resources internship, and keep good grades during the semester. 

I think the amount of experience I have gained over the year has not only helped me to develop as a person, but also to grow as a leader. I will help my student body have a voice through the leadership abilities I have learned, meet their expectations, and be a shoulder to lean on. Through my Vice-Presidential dedication, I pledge to be actively available to the students. Students are Number One in my eyes, and that will be my main focus. 

With the time I have left at St. Clair College, my chief goal – for the staff and mostly my fellow students – is to leave a positive footprint. My greatest ambition is to be a role model, and to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for the student body in the role of Vice-President of Student Affairs. I have a lot of fun ideas that I want to bring to the table, but I also want to know what the student wants to see. On a more serious note, I want to be a Vice-President who students can rely on when it comes to their education, by offering counselling and encouragement to students. 

I want to offer various services for students during the year, such as career counselling, networking training and activities, student counselling, language centres, and much more. My aim is to help students participate in programs that encourage them, experiences that they love, and most of all helping them move towards the goals that they want to achieve. 

Without fun activities, what really is college? I have lots of ideas to bring forward, like campus farmers markets to bring in some local nutritious foods, film festivals, craft workshops, mentorship programs, cooking lessons, TEDx talks, and lots of fun themed parties. 

I want to provide students with dynamic programs and services in an environment that fosters their personal, intellectual, professional, and social development. I want to help them shape their future and prepare them to become successful members of their communities by actively encouraging students to be involved. 

Feel like you should have a say? Vote for Alex today! 




Aditya is a student in Computer Systems Networking – Technician, and a candidate for the Vice-President of Student Affairs of the SRC for 2021-22. 

He hails from Andhra Pradesh, India, studying at St. Clair College as an international student. 

Throughout his schooling, he has taken the roles of tutor and SRC Class Representative whenever he had the opportunity. As a tutor, he helped many challenged students to overcome their weak areas and achieve good grades by making things easier to understand. 

He has been a part of a national human rights commission as a Scout; and volunteered in many activities like organizing a book drive for a local children's shelter, trees and wild-flowers plantation, food charity, developing and maintaining a recycling program at school, and supplying food and clothes at shelter homes. 

As a Class Representative in the fall of 2020 at St. Clair College, he has been a voice of students right from the beginning. He helped many students to continue their studies without failing in the ongoing and unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. He acted as an interface between the students and SRC by communicating difficulties and support needed, and got concerns resolved by following up with the SRC. He helped students who lost marks in tests due to technical issues; and created awareness among students about the facilities and support that college and SRC is providing. For instance, many students were unaware of the $500 bursary provided by the institution to support students purchasing required computer equipment. He passed on that information, and helped students to purchase the equipment required to continue their education without hurdles. 

As an international student, he has experienced many different challenges in the college, created by differences in educational structure, environment and culture. He understands the rough phase that a student may initially go through in college, be it as a domestic or international student. He managed to overcome all the hurdles while actively taking part in all opportunities in front of him, and balancing his academics side-by-side. He is more than happy to help students overcome any difficulty through all means possible, regardless of the size of problem. 

He seeks the Vice-Presidency with the hope of being a strong voice for students, to take a stand in response to student problems whenever needed, and to accommodate their needs in all possible ways. He wants to help St. Clair College students to develop their careers, personalities and organizational skills in all possible ways, and to carve a niche for themselves. 




I am Malek Rizwan, a first-year student at St. Clair College, currently pursuing Construction Engineering. 

I am an international student from India. I graduated in Civil Engineering in India. While researching further studies, Construction Engineering caught my attention and brought me here. 

During this first year, I have been able to experience many facets of St. Clair College. I have had keen interest to be a part of something which contributes to our fellow Saints, and it would be my pleasure to do my part to improve our community. This brought my attention to the election for Vice-President of Student Affairs. 

This position is important for me, to become a part of something bigger than me. The Vice-President has a key role to play in the student body because the Vice-President is representative of the SRC. When it comes to important tasks, the Vice-President is responsible for the SRC Directors’ work and committees regarding college affairs. In my opinion, the Vice-President plays a vital role when it comes to the issues of students. The Vice-President can be considered as a bridge between the college administration and students. Secondly, the Vice-President is the voice of students. The Vice-President presents issues or complaints faced by students to authorities. Most importantly, the Vice-President plays an important part when it comes to recreational activities. 

In my consideration, a new mind brings new ideas and new solutions. 

According to my research and communication I had with fellow students, some issues students face include: 

1. Limited availability of latest version of books in library; 

2. Students would like to have more enrolment space in elective subjects so they can attend courses which they like. 

To make students’ college experience more interesting, I will bring some ideas such as: 

1. Blog Around The World (which will include interesting things happening around the world); 

2. Radio Night; 

3. Meet The Graduates. We will invite our alumni who graduated five to six years ago to come and share their experience about their fields and what we should expect from our streams. 

So, I hope you will put your faith in me to fulfill our goals together, and achieve higher goals for our Saints community. I very much look forward to working with every other member of the student council to help make your daily lives more meaningful and enjoyable. 

I am very glad that I have this opportunity to achieve something bigger than me, and we can be helpful to everyone.