Two Vie For Next Year's SRC Presidency

Presidential Canadidates
2019-20 SRC Presidential candidates Kiara Clement and Sean Thomas.

There will be an election for the 2019-20 Presidency of the Student Representative Council (SRC); and, within a little over a week, we’ll know if there might be contests for the Vice-Presidencies too.

By the January 10th deadline, two individuals had filed nomination papers to seek next year’s Presidency: current Vice-President of Student Affairs Kiara Clement, and SRC Director Sean Thomas.

To ensure the “smooth, year-to-year continuity of the council and its related corporation”, the SRC’s bylaws require Presidential candidates to have served on the previous year’s Board of Directors.

The Vice-Presidencies – of Student Affairs, and of Downtown Affairs – are open to all full-time, fee-paying students. Candidates for the downtown post must be enrolled at one of the downtown campuses.

Nominations for those two posts are now open, with filing packages available from both SRC offices. Those are located at the Main/South Windsor Campus, in the Student Centre, across from the Tim Hortons kiosk; and at the downtown TD Student Success Centre (corner of Victoria and University Avenues).

The deadline for filing completed nomination packages to be a Vice-Presidential candidate is Monday, January 21 at 4 p.m..

Subsequently, candidates for all of the Executive offices will begin campaigning on Monday, February 4. Detailed biographical and “platform” information about all the candidates will be made available at that time.

After three weeks of campaigning, an on-line election will take place.

Student-electors will be informed of the procedures and will cast their votes using the college’s Blackboard app.

The on-line election will run from Monday, February 25 to Friday, March 1 … with the results announced on that final day.

Also currently available (from the two offices) are applications for the SRC’s appointed, 2019-20 Directorships. The deadline for submitting those is March 4 – after which applicants will be interviewed for the available openings on the Board.

The 2019-20 SRC – elected Executive and appointed Directors – will assume office on May 1, 2019, for a one-year term ending on April 30, 2020.