Informative – Or "Infographical" – Nursing Students

Fourth-year Nursing students presented their "infographics exhibit" during a special classroom session on March 11th.

Most Nursing students spend the final two years of their four-year St. Clair/University of Windsor education at the UofW ... But those who indicate their intention to work in public/community nursing (as opposed to hospitals and clinics) return to the college for various courses.

Included in that education is a section on communication, because nurses in the community often serve as educators and promoters of "good health" techniques.

The college's Nursing faculty and the students themselves have found that a project to develop infographics – one-page, statistic-laden presentations about specific topics – has been an ideal way to develop concise yet interesting communication skills.

Professor Lizette Beaulieu added that many of her previous years' students have reported that the infographics they produced wowed employers when they were interviewing for jobs, because many public health agencies are making use of such flyers and pamphlets.

The topics covered by this year's infographics included: Substance Addiction In The Nursing Profession, Compassion Fatigue, Men In Nursing, Medically Assistance In Dying, The Opioid Crisis, Medical Cannabis, Global Health, The Nursing Shortage, Safe Injection, and Nursing Specializations.