Educational Bridge Busting

The college's Student Life Centre was the site of dozens of bridge collapses on March 3 – but that was a good thing, because all of the "disasters" were for the sake of education.

After being located at Devonshire Mall since 2011, the annual "Innovation Station – Engineering Your Life" symposium staged by the Windsor-Essex chapter of the Professional Engineers of Ontario moved to St. Clair this year.

Assorted engineering technology labs throughout the campus welcomed tours by visitors during the day, while exhibits by other participating agencies were based in the Student Life Centre.

That venue, also, was the site of the "competitive" aspect of the event: a popsicle-stick bridge building contest for elementary and high school students – with the creations eventually put under the physical pressure exerted by engineering-test devices to determine the strength of their designs.

Photos by Kati Panasiuk.