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SPECIAL FALL DEADLINE FOR 2020-21: Due to the later-than-usual start-date for most programs, the opting-out deadline associated with the student health plan has been extended this year – from its usual September 30th date to OCTOBER 23.

The deadline for "opting-out" during the fall semester (and "opting-in" for family coverage) is OCTOBER 23. For January-intake students only, the deadline is JANUARY 31. For spring-start students only, the deadline is MAY 31.

The health-plan-premium portion of your student fees cannot be refunded if you miss the form-filing deadlines.

The quickest and most convenient way to obtain your refund cheque is to choose the "Direct Deposit To My Bank Account" option.

To carry out the opting-out process, go to

IMPORTANT: This plan applies only to registered, full-time, fee-paying, domestic (Canadian) students. International students are covered by a separate health plan, administered by the college.


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Am I covered? What is the effective date of my coverage?

Registered, full-time, fee-paying, domestic (Canadian) students are automatically enrolled in the health plan. Coverage for the fall semester begins September 1, winter semester (January-intake students) begins January 1, and spring-summer semester (students starting then) begins May 1.

What is covered?

This plan covers basic drug prescriptions, vision-care and dental-care.

What is the termination date of my coverage?

In accordance with the outline described above, all benefits will terminate August 31 (2021). Once your coverage terminates, any additional family coverage that you have applied for will terminate also.

How do I use my plan?

Any plan-covered student can go to any pharmacy, dentist or vision-care practitioner, and show their student card as proof of membership in the plan. For prescriptions, the student pays 20% and the health insurance company covers 80%. Dental coverage is capped at $750 for the year, and vision-care (including check-up and glasses/contacts) is capped at $150 for the year.

How do I make a drug claim?

Your student identification card may be used at any pharmacy displaying the ClaimSecure sign. To fill a prescription, you will need to supply the pharmacist with the following information:

  • • Your Group Number is 513982
  • • Provider: ClaimSecure (formerly RxPlus)
  • • Your Student ID # L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (10 digit alpha numeric number) I.E. If your student ID # is 7 digits, the correct ID # would be L007654321 At this point you will be required to pay the deductible amount of your claim if necessary
  • • You may provide the same information if a dentist or vision-care practitioner requires it

Are my family member(s) covered on this plan?

No, only registered, full-time, fee-paying, domestic (Canadian) students of St. Clair College are covered on this plan. You may choose to opt in your family member(s) for an additional fee.

I'm a part-time student at the college. Am I covered by the plan?

As a part-time student, you have paid none of the associated fees, so you are not automatically covered. However, you can obtain coverage under the plan by voluntarily "opting in". To do so, please visit either of the Student Representative Council offices, and staff will assist you with filling out the opt-in form. They'll also calculate the fee you will have to pay to enrol in the plan. (That fee must be paid by certified cheque or money order.)

How do I get reimbursed if I pay full price for my prescription?

Bring in your original receipt(s) from the pharmacy to the SRC office and a reimbursement form will be filled out and mailed. The student will then receive their monies in three to four weeks to the address they have provided on the reimbursement form.

May I enroll my dependants?

Students who are on the Health Insurance Plan may obtain coverage for their spouse and/or dependent children by enrolling them before October 23 for the fall semester, January 31 for the winter semester, or May 31 for the summer semester. You may pay the additional fee(s) at the SRC office, or you may also apply for dependent coverage on-line using VISA or MASTERCARD – only by going to prior to the deadline dates noted above.

"SPOUSE" means the legal spouse of the student, residing in Canada, provided there is no legal separation in effect, or an individual of the same sex or opposite sex who has been residing with the student for a period of at least one year, and who has been designated as the spouse of the student in St. Clair's College records for insurance purposes, and is covered under the Provincial Health Insurance Plan.

"DEPENDENT CHILD OR CHILDREN" means any natural child, step-child or legally adopted child of the student, who is 20 years of age and under, unmarried, and receives full support and maintenance from the student; or 21 years of age but less than 25 years of age, unmarried, and receives full support and maintenance from the student due to full-time attendance at an accredited institute, college or university in Canada; or who receives full support and maintenance from the student by reason of mental or physical infirmity, is a resident of Canada, and is covered under the provincial health insurance plan.

How/Where do I opt-out?

During the months of September-October, January and May, each full-time student who has alternative health insurance may choose to opt-out by going on to the SRC website,, and by following the links provided; or by going directly to the website (slide down to "St. Clair College" under "Choose Your School").

(NOTE: You may only opt-out in the semester you started school)

What if I am already covered?

You may decline coverage for the health plan by submitting an on-line opt-out on (or prior to) October 23, if you are enrolled in the fall semester; January 31, if you are enrolled only in the winter semester; or May 31, if you are enrolled in the summer semester. You must provide proof of similar coverage elsewhere (i.e. as a dependant under your parent's or spouse's insurance - or your own).

Please go to or to opt-out. If you have any problems with your on-line opt-out, please contact the SRC office.

How many times can I opt-out?

You only opt-out one time for the whole year, during the first month of your first semester.

What if I forget to opt-out and it is past the deadline?

Once each deadline has passed throughout the year, there is no possible way to opt out of the plan. You will have to continue using the plan as you would normally. There are no exceptions.

If I opt-out, do I receive a refund for the full amount of the health plan fee?

Of the $300 fee (the full amount charged to a September-start-date student), an opting-out student will receive a refund of approximately $297. A tiny portion of the fee (as an insurance premium) is retained to ensure that every student – regardless of whether he/she has opted-out or not – is provided with accidental death-and-dismemberment insurance.

For further information, please refer to the health insurance booklet.

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