What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.
- Goethe

Obviously you want “A”-level grades during your time at the college, but there’s another “A”-word that is always a concern too: the Affordability of your education.

Securing scholarships and/or bursaries can certainly ease the financial burden of your postsecondary career.

But obtaining such cash does entail some effort on your part: to seek out the awards that you might be eligible for, file the application papers, and go through whatever follow-up processes might be demanded by the agency offering the aid.

The easiest of all of the cash-seeking options available to you can be found at These are the hundreds of scholarships and bursaries administered by the college itself. They’ve been donated/sponsored by generous local individuals (many of them St. Clair employees and retirees), families, companies, community organizations and social service agencies. The eligibility criteria will specify such items as program-of-enrolment and academic-performance expectations. Every year, the college awards several hundred-thousand dollars worth of bursaries and scholarships. By clicking on the website link above (or the graphic to the right), you’ll find more details – including the scheduling of, and deadlines for, those college-based applications.

Think about this, too ... Your employer-corporation, service club, community organization, religious organization, etc. – or that of your parents/spouse – may have “in-house” scholarship programs. You might be a perfect candidate for those. Again, it’s up to you to do that research.

Beyond that, a number of websites provide details about the hundreds – indeed, thousands – of academic financial awards offered both in Canada and internationally. Again, many of them may have quite specific, even unusual, eligibility criteria, but it’s certainly worthwhile to examine them. Here are a few sites to check out: