In any situation, the best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing.
- Theodore Roosevelt

What is a Class Rep?

Class Representative is a vital link in the Student Representative Council's information chain. The role of a Class Representative is to act as a liaison between the SRC and the students. The SRC has important information that needs to be conveyed to the students, and the students have essential feedback that is required by the SRC to ensure that it is effectively representing their members.

What does a Class Rep do?

Each Class Representative is required to attend a monthly meeting scheduled by the SRC Vice-Presidents of Student Affairs and Downtown Affairs. Monthly meetings are an opportunity to voice classmates' concerns, opinions, ideas, and suggestions regarding college operations and social events. These meetings also give the Class Rep an opportunity to learn about the events and activities happening on campus, and most importantly, to relay that information back to their classmates.

How is the Information Relayed Back to the Students?

After each meeting, the Class Representative is required to relay the information back to their class. To ensure that each Class Rep is doing this, we ask that each professor please allow the Class Rep a few moments at the start of class to relay the information after each meeting. There is also a form that must be signed by the professor each month confirming that the information was provided to the student.

Why are there Class Reps?

St. Clair College has over 10,000 students. Without the Class Representative Program, many of these students remain unaware of the events, services and activates taking place at the college. Likewise, without the Class Representative Program, the SRC may be unaware of student concerns and issues that may be affecting both academic and extracurricular atmosphere of the college.


What if I cannot attend the meeting set by the SRC Vice President of Student Affairs/Vice President of Downtown Affairs?
If you cannot attend the once a month meeting due to schedule conflict, late classes, or emergency there are several things you should do. Please inform myself of your absence through either email or by stopping by the office, collect the information for that month and relay it to your class, have paper signed and return it to the SRC office. Other than this you can also attend the downtown campus class rep meeting, as most of the information is the same. Lastly if you find that the day of the week selected for that year does not fit you schedule than ask a fellow student to take on the responsibility if they are available. We would rather have someone show up then no one at all!

What should I do with the information provided to me at class rep meetings?
Please take the digital presentation provided and present it to the class (with some enthusiasm!!) If a digital presentation is not provided then you may always take the info and create your own or just ask for copies of the class rep agendas and you can pass them out to the students! You are also encouraged to ask students for feedback in whichever form you prefer. We can work together on a survey or questionnaire for you class specifically or you could just ask for some verbal feedback through group conversation.

What if a student comes to me with a problem regarding our teacher, the program or another student?
The SRC has resources available to them and the information to help solve these issues but we also encourage you to be an advocate for you class mates, you have more input then you might think! Talk to your Chair, and if you don't know who they are the SRC is more than willing to help or if you don't feel comfortable talking to your Chair you can come to the SRC office either at the Main campus or downtown campus with any issues and speak on behalf of other students as well. You may also set up mediation, grade appeals and Quality Learning Environment forms through the SRC so please remember the resources available to you.

For more information, please contact the SRC Vice President of Student Affairs or Vice-President of Downtown Affairs.